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Wednesday, October 26, 2016/Categories: Entries

Today I arranged my day in a manner that would allow me to hear as few words as possible. Somedays I cannot take in any more words - I have a daily limit that my brain can absorb. Today the total number for the day was 20. That's not very many - and thus I arranged my day in a way that I would not have to talk much. These day happen for several reasons - today the reasons included: having a shit ton of work to get done, having an assload of business things/contracts, etc. to read, change and give thought to, and then knowing that I had a social event this evening that would force me to hear lots of words - and I wanted to be pleasant at that event. 

Anyway - I went to the gym at an odd hour - I usually avoid all words there because my headphones are in and I rarely, if ever make direct eye contact. I noticed something at the gym today........well several things........I must have gone during eye candy hour. I also noticed that assuming they don't have on little boy short shorts that their balls and rumply asses are hanging out of, the group that is best dressed are the men over 65. They all had on black, grey, and white. Some had their shirts tucked in, one had on a headband - but he had to have been 85 so it was cute! I think they or their wives iron their gym t-shirts. I look like I crawled into the dirty clothes pile and crawled back out - except I don't smell bad - or at least I try not to until I'm near the end of my workout.

Dumbest thing I saw at the gym - a woman in a visor -- really? Is the sun going to get in your eyes? A visor doesn't cover your bed head...........three women had on baseball caps - that seems fine - they must be covering their messy, dirty hair. I just put mine in a ponytail. I don't like visors on anyone - but see absolutely no point in one inside.

Biggest success at the gym today - well getting my fat ass there would be the best accomplishment - but perhaps even better was walking on the stairclimber normally, then going sideways left foot first, then right foot first, then walking up backwards - I went through this rotation a few times - and I did NOT fall of the machine. Victory was mine!

Tonight's social function was very nice! I talked to several people, and more importantly than that I listened to them! And I had a very good time. That being said, I will also tell you I only had one Michelob Ultra, and I made it through the evening without spilling something on the front of my shirt..........it was a big evening for the Bytch.

Ok - I had some more things to share but I can't remember them - so you are saved from more words. Of course you are reading them and can stop at anytime so getting to many of my words is your own damn problem.


The Gym Bytch

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