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My undisclosed Valentine location was Las Vegas. Sparky and I went there to see Daughtry on Friday night -- very fun - excellent concert........well except for the opening act. I don't even know the name of this three piece disaster. It had something to do with darkness......

What they appeared to be were three Jewish, gender confused young men. The one in the tank top - I at first thought was female --- but the adams apple gave it away ........ if you have girly arms and you have a penis - you should not wear a tank top.........end of discussion.

No the other person in the black shirt appeared to have glued some sort of animal pelt to the middle of his chest............ Does this make him sexier?? In my opinion it actually made him more gross, and he looked like he smelled bad.

This is where the praying came in. I kept praying that these young men did NOT know another song. Each time they started in again I prayed to go momentarily deaf - or for a minor electrical shock to run through one of their amps. They sucked ass.

Sparky offered to go buy me one of their cd's - which I said could come in handy as an ice scraper in my car............I will try to get their name and give it to you tomorrow -- it seems fair to warn you so you can avoid them......

Stay tuned tomorrow for a sign I might have written...........

Not too glad to be back in the snow.

The Gym Bitch

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