Door to Door Jesus

Sunday, April 6, 2014/Categories: Entries

Door to Door Jesus

I opened my door early this morning to get the paper and found an invitation from Jehovah's Witnesses to come to a gathering on the 14th......I just want to mention that I do not think religion should be peddled door to door. Unless you truly believe that you may find Jesus behind my couch, there is no need to come discuss religion on my front porch. My big dog might try to eat you, and I do not want to be interrupted from whatever I am doing, to talk about something that is none of your business. And I just checked. Jesus is not behind ANY of my furniture. (You would have to read magnets to get this - so if you don't get it I don't really care!)

I think one's beliefs are private and personal --- I don't even share them in a group setting --- too many hypocrites in organized religion ---- you can have a personal/spiritual relationship with a greater being right from the privacy of your own home --- if you had to be in a specific building we would not have so many buildings for this purpose.

Don't want to get everyone all stirred up --- but don't want you on my porch hawking the Lord either...........

Also, please take special note, that I did not cuss once in this posting........proving that it is ok to believe in miracles!

The Gym Bitch
(oh wait - but that's my name - not a cuss word)

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