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Round Two in The Car Biz

Tuesday, February 3, 2015/Categories: Entries

 So for those of you that have not been paying attention – on Friday I bought two car dealerships.  They are both in Hoopeston, IL (Home of Thad Matta and several other people of note, some of whom actually read this blog). One is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership and the other is a Ford store.  In the car world we refer to dealerships as stores – they are in fact retail stores where you should come buy a vehicle from me. 

So I got to the stores at about 1:30 on Friday after three hours of closing documents were signed and we got right to work – there is a ton to do and happily all of the people in the stores are quite good natured – or at least funny when they get pissed off at me or my business partner. We did have one casualty but said employee did not seem to want to work there anyway so it was a no harm, no foul situation in my book. 

Then on Saturday things took a slight turn for the worse…….when an unknown person came into one of businesses and crapped their pants. This was NOT an employee – I don’t know who it was. Had it been an employee, it would not be anymore. You can’t work for me if you are going to just shit yourself in a place of business. The person was old. I hope I die before I walk around shitting and not caring about it. I know you lose your filter when you get old, but do you lose the ability to feel embarrassed? I’ve already lost my filter and I don’t embarrass easily – lord – I hope crapping is not next on the agenda – surely not. Ever.

Then it snowed and the lot had to be plowed, cars cleaned, etc. And the temps dropped to single digits…………..of course if I’m being perfectly honest I didn’t do a damn thing outside on Monday, except running errands and setting up bank accounts, gas charge accounts and things of that nature. So if any of my gang is reading this – thank you! I take no credit for all the work you did outside! 

So that’s life in the retail car biz……….which greeted me with a warm “Welcome back bitch”! 


The Gym Bytch/Car Maven



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