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Friday, February 28, 2014/Categories: Entries

The Gym Bitch is always trying to get more organized -- so far it is an exercise in futility - if you don't believe me I will put you in touch with my assistant. Today I locked my keys in my running car, as I needed to leave to get to a meeting in Peoria.........I hope my neighbors didn't hear me mother fucking the car, myself, and the locked doors...........oh well - my apologies.

I have been walking away from my desk and the computer by about 8pm each night - to go read the paper, any complete other reading I have and I turn on the tv. You may be surprised to find out what the Gym Bitch likes to watch as of late.

Duck Dynasty - hilarious -- now before you get your panties in a knot about Phil stating his opinion about things like gay marriage understand that I watch this for the entertainment value (and Jase is sort of hot even with that gnarly beard) and just like I am for gay marriage, Phil should have the right to be against it. Diversity is what makes the world an interesting place. Uncle Si cracks me up, and Phil likes women with a little meat on them and I resemble that remark.

After that show, the show that is frequently on is Bad Ink -- it takes place in Vegas and Dirk is sort of hot -- he is the tattoo artist.........they find bad tattoos (there is no shortage and never will be) and the fix them by covering them with a really good tattoo. The last one I watched they covered a butterfly wielding a penis with a beautiful fairy on a woman's rather unsightly and saggy bosom. Reminder: Never put a tattoo where is will get grossly stretched out or sag as you age.

While watching this fine line up and expanding my cerebral horizons, I saw a commercial for a new must see program........Game of Arms. I have already set the DVR. It is about arm wrestling and appears to have a lot of men with big, muscular, tattooed is porn for the Gym Bitch on regular cable tv!!

Just because I said a few guys were hot is no reason to think I am being slutty. I am completely loyal to Sparky - and he has the best arms ever. It doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home!

Ok -- "it is time for my programs". (First person to name the person I quoted right above will win a Gym Bitch t-shirt as soon as I make them)

The Gym Bitch

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