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Enjoying The Nice Weather While It Lasts

Sunday, October 30, 2016/Categories: Entries

Yesterday was the U of I's homecoming........I did not attend this college - so the fact that it was homecoming really has no bearing on me other than that I have a new tailgate trailer so I go to the games when I'm in town. The weather was also perfect!

After 5.5 hours of sleep Friday night - I got up bright and early so I could get the animals fed, get the last few things loaded up and be at the lot by 7am. I even packed the Keurig - because I was going to be so responsible and get set up, make myself some coffee, and then sit and read the paper and wait for people to arrive.

I did in fact get it all set up with the help of a couple friends. I then made myself a cup of coffee.........then people started to straggle in..............then the alarm company called to tell me the motion detectors had been set off......so fuck me - we unhooked the truck from the trailer, and a couple people jumped in with me and we went to accost the burglars. It was actually just my dumb ass leaving Sammie's cage door open - so she was on top of her cage flapping around and causing the commotion. She's a parrot.

Anyway got that handled and headed back - got hooked back up, and by then the bloody mary's were being made........so by about 8:45 I had started the party...............and it did not stop until 2am. It was just one of those days, where you get the perfect weather, the right mix of people and the cocktails start flowing..........a bunch of people just stayed at the tailgate and we watched on tv........well, to be perfectly honest someone would announce the score once in awhile but mostly we just talked and drank and made fun of each other. Some people made it easier than others to get made fun of - but happily everyone was a good sport. We had everyone drinking, new people stopping by, cigars being smoked - and cigarettes (naughty girls) - a couple of people were napping, and a lot of people made new friends. 

We stayed there until 6pm or so...........I'm not quite sure (and I wasn't driving so don't rag me) anyway, by the time I got home, I had to feed the pets, and then get changed into my Halloween costume for a party that started at 7pm - I was late - I got a ride there too - and then I realized that I should have invited the crew that gave me a ride in to crash the party - and it wasn't really crashing, they knew people. Anyway from there some of us went to a speak easy, then to Esquire, and then on to C-Street where there was a line. I don't really wait in lines. Happily I was with a local celebrity and when she was spotted we all got whisked in around everyone in line. That did not make us popular - happily none of seem to care. We got in, the place was packed, but we made our way to the dance floor........happily it was at this point that I switched to water. I was full of vodka. 

So today has been rough - which is the excuse I'm going with as to why this is not funnier tonight - but here's to good friends, new friends, great weather and plenty of vodka! 

Now if the Cubs could just win this game so I can go to bed, I'm excited to wake up and feel normal...........well as normal as I ever feel.


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