The Bitch Is Moving

Wednesday, March 26, 2014/Categories: Entries

My apologies for going AWOL again --- I am in the process of moving - within the same community - but no matter how hard I try to move objects with my mind, and regardless of how many spells I have cast -- the old house is still packed with my crap - and it is not jumping into the car and moving itself.

How in the hell have I accumulated this much shit since 1998??? I am now looking at things and asking: Where did I get this? Why did I get this? Was it a gift?? Do I even still like that person?? Will that person come over, remember the gift and ask where it is?? Do I care??

I am finding that my answer as I look at many objects in categorically NO!!!! In which case it gets donated, sold, or put in the garage sale pile.

Then at night I go to sleep, and when I wake up the shit has regenerated itself. At least that is the only sensible explanation I can come up with.......its like gremlins that people are pouring water on. Fuck me!!

So, thanks to my assistant I am now a power seller on eBay, and a regular lister on Varage Sale -- and she is about a weekly donor to Goodwill, The IDEA Store and Salt and Light..........

If any of you have tips on how you decide whether to keep things or not - let me know. Hell, my own mother has been known to put last years Christmas gifts into the garage sale..........we are not a very sentimental lot. Of maybe we are just forgetful.


The Gym Bitch


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