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Thursday, February 13, 2014/Categories: Entries

OMG -- this is the funniest thing - and man this guy is limber?? I don't know if he was limber before this machine kicked his ass - and I'm guessing the pain the next day was something -- but could you look like any more of an idiot at the gym?? Stocking cap, no shirt, gross sweatpants, weird shoes and then you do this!!!

This is no way to bag yourself a valentine date - what a dipshit.

Speaking of Valentine's Day -- ladies - give your man a break -- I have heard so much bitching surrounding this holiday - seriously - it's not a holiday - the rose growers probably made it up, as it is the right number of weeks after Christmas for roses to bloom again......

I have never been out to dinner on Valentine's Day without seeing a domestic dispute taking place. My belief: Women's expectations are way too high, and quite frankly men don't think like this a lot of the time. If your man does anything just be happy - if you need a present that badly go out and buy yourself something. But give him credit if he gets you anything - it means he was thinking about it. I do have to admit watching domestics break out around a nice restaurant is actually pretty hilarious. If you are going out, make it a drinking game. One drink for any sullen woman you spot. One drink every time you catch a woman giving her man the stink eye. Chug your whole drink if someone breaks into tears, and do two shots if a man gets a drink thrown on him right before his date storms out of the place. You are not allowed to drink at all if you are doing any of these things to your date. Lighten up people - have a little fun!!

Sparky and I have big plans for tomorrow - I made them - problem solved. I will report on them after they are over.

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