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And A Day With A Psycho

Friday, March 4, 2016/Categories: Entries

Today was a wild ride with the Gym Bytch - thankfully for everyone except the fabulous Heatie (my assistant) it only happened at home. It had been a great day, but then it was a million calls, emails, texts piling in at once, followed by billing errors and time on the phone with the water company getting nowhere............so I left and went to yoga.

I will get back to yoga - but I have to back track to a text conversation that I had today via text - it is too funny not to share. 

GB = Gym Bytch         F = friend who likely wants to remain anonymous 

I had a breakfast meeting and when I left that we were going back and forth about breakfast food and I mentioned that I had crisp bacon because I hate limp bacon.....

F: There are not many meats that are good limp.

GB: I was just thinking that


GB: Unlike some meat, bacon doesn't get any harder when you put it in your mouth.

F: Oh Jesus!!!!!

F: Almost wrecked my cat

F: car

Sometimes I even amuse myself - and this was one of those times.

Fast track past a couple of good meetings, and then shit hit the fan when I got home. Hoping to do some work - but the interruptions were nonstop. Finally decided to go to a yoga class and unwind. Got through yoga - started feeling better right away, then we got to the meditation portion of the class at the end. The instructor intended to tell us to let our breath cleanse our body.....but what she actually said was "Let your breath cleanse your butt". We were laying on our backs, with the lights off and our eyes closed and I was laughing so hard I had to cover my face. I could not stop laughing. Thus proving that I do have the brain of an 11 year old boy stuck in my head.

All's well - and the day is over - tomorrow is a new chance to catch up! And the fabulous Heatie gets the weekend away from me, well most of it anyway!


The Gym Bytch


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