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Sunday, October 16, 2016/Categories: Entries

Once again, I am going to tell you that I will start writing again, and once again I may be lying to you. I wrote some today - pretty good work on a pitch for a film I am producing with my partners - but last night I worked on a script and it was the worst fucking writing I've ever done. And yes, I realize some of you are sitting there thinking hmm......her writing always sucks. To you I say I am sorry - if you hate it or are offended by it why are you reading it? So come to think - I'm lying again - I'm not sorry at all - it's not my problem.

That sums up my recent writing - but I did decide to write tonight because I want to discuss wilted penises. I get this term from some of my gay male friends. It first came up when in the discussion of whether or not a couple of them were Gold Star gays. For the purposes of this post let me break gay men into three groups for you: Gold Stars - they have never had intercourse with a woman. Wilted ones - that have penetrated, or gotten close, or perhaps even been a three pump chump but then wilted, and those that can in fact have sex with a woman. So what does one do about a wilting penis? You may discover that you prefer to sleep with other men............or you may opt for some medication that helps with erectile dysfunction. 

One of those is Viagra. Today while watching Bears/Jaguars a Viagra commercial came on - I had seen it before - but it all became crystal clear to me today - so men read closely - I may be able to help save you money on a wasted prescription.

In said commercial there is a man with one overnight type, brown leather duffle bag - and peaking out of the side pocket is a single pack of Viagra. He is with a beautiful woman - and the announcer is a telling us about the man that prepares with a single pack on a romantic weekend get away...........now herein lies the real problem - the fucking bitch he is with has 5 large suitcases for this weekend get away.............that's enough to wilt an army of hard ons. Hey fella - how about getting a lower maintenance woman? On a romantic weekend you ought to be able to bang it out a few times - but this guy only has one pack..........no shit! She will apparently be spending all her time changing her clothes.......what the actual fuck? That sort of thing gives women a bad name.

Ok - got to stop this nonsense and watch the Cubs - Go Cubs, Go!


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