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Monday, October 24, 2016/Categories: Entries

Working for the Bytch

As I have likely stated in earlier posts - I have a fabulous assistant that I call Heatie. She swears she likes this job because she never knows what will happen from one day to the next.

This certainly held true yesterday - it was in fact Sunday, and she was in fact working............time to derail.........years ago one of the people I worked with gave me a Dilbert cartoon - the pointy haired boss was telling the female employee that everyone called her Hun. She started ranting about all the sexist pigs, and he said no, as in Attila The Hun.........I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, back to what Heatie came across yesterday..........I got a text at one point yesterday stating that there appeared to be underpants in a baggie stuffed in the door handle of my Jeep in the garage. She had the garage door up........I said oh yes, C must have dropped those off. She then said she was not sure if she should ask "why?" or not. Anyway I went on to tell her, that Saturday night while at a birthday gathering at the home of friends, several of them were getting in the hot tub. I don't much like hot tubs - a breeding ground for germs. But these people keep things very clean and in testing it with my toes, the water was not boiling hot so I said I would get in, but I did not have a suit. They suggested that I get in in my undies.  I did not want to do that.........but I had on jeans, black t-shirt, hoodie, etc. So I took off my jeans, (my underwear was black so looked fine), my hoodie and my bra, then got in, faced away from everyone and took off my t-shirt, then sat down and took off my undies and ask one of my hosts if he would throw them in the dryer. I mean, what the hell, we are sitting in a hot tub, in the dark and I wanted to go home in dry clothes. Well, I forgot my underpants when I left.

I was informed the next day that one of the guests really liked me and said I was a Bohemian. I had to look that up - as I think of a smelly, artistic person, in big, flowing clothes with flowers on them. I looked it up and it is either a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, or a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer. I can live with being called that. It seems accurate. 

Anyway to finish the story about Heatie -- by the time I got back to town last night I had forgotten all about the underpants, but on my way out the door to the gym this morning I noticed them and threw them on the step into the house so I would remember them. Well, of course I walked right over them when I got home, and it was not until I heard Heatie come in that I realized I had left them laying there. So I texted her from upstairs and apologized for the fact that she had to step over my unmentionables to get to work!!

Later today, my friend J and I had to wait in line forever at Meijer to get a price check on the granny panties I bought - part of my Halloween costume..............


The Gym Bytch

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